Wild to Urban and Back Home Again.

Just as early post offices of the Old West connected people and communities across stretches of the great wild open, the up-and-coming Clackamas neighborhood is a link to what's possible in the Northwest of today. Here, neighbors include Great Horned Owls and Douglas firs. Still, somehow, minutes away are spots to raise a stein, grab tacos or order your pizza-night faves. You’ll also get to know seasonal visitors like the white fawn lilies that dapple the forest floor, and the growers that bring local goodness to the Happy Valley Farmer’s Market. Wondering about commutes? Relax on the 25-minute ride to Portland from the oh-so-conveniently close MAX Light Rail station. Or make a quick beeline to any of four major highways within just six miles. Rest assured, the stores you rely on are also just a quick jaunt away at Clackamas Town Center. The Post checks all the boxes: A cozy home base where everything is within easy reach, yet even an average Tuesday is energized by a feeling of limitlessness.

The Post Apartments 13300 SE 112nd Ave
Clackamas, OR 97015

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